365 / 24 / 7…..

……. is when you can shop online, for better or worse. During festive lulls, ie when everyone else has sunk into torpor, I’ve been sneaking away to Lap-top Land to investigate the strange world of Packing Peanuts & Bubble Bags. I need to have some smart packing and packaging ready for when the Etsy shop goes online.  I’ve ordered a massive bag of peanuts made from corn starch rather than polystyrene.  If not re-used, they can go on the compost heap (but they cannot be eaten!).

To begin with,  only ceramics which can be packed into a 6″ x 6″ x 6″ box will be listed – tea-lights, orbs, soap-dishes,  small bowls, small jugs, mugs, and so on. For the knitting and weaving side of the business, there’s no problem with packaging, obviously.

At the same time I need to get back in the studio as most of my small-item stock has now gone. There is no heating in the studio unless the kiln is on, so I’m hoping it will stay mild. In very cold weather there is a risk that green ware, that’s to say newly made pots which have not fully dried out, can be ruined by being frozen. I too can be ruined by being frozen.




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