Muddy Pleasures

The two people who have been most influential and informative for my pottery are Carla Allen, teacher/potter/friend, and Richard Godfrey.  I went to a talk by Richard Godfrey about 12 years ago, took abundant notes, and learnt a lot. In particular, he remarked how  wonderful it was to earn a living by just playing with mud, which in truth is all that clay is. For those of us who refuse to grow up, and who aim to grow old disgracefully, these are wise words.

This morning we went for a walk, a muddy walk, and at the muddiest place there were two  toddlers stamping a mix of mud and horse poo into a magnificent slush under mum’s benevolent gaze. They may or may not grow up to be potters, but hey! Happy Days!




2 thoughts on “Muddy Pleasures

  1. Just think… if I hadn’t gone to Bath in 1998 and lived in Flat 20C with Dan Godfrey, it would have all been so different! 🙂

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