Big Pots, Little Pots

Here is the first of the new big stoneware jars for the Arts Trail weekends in May.  It is made by a combination of coiling and throwing.  I aim to make about one a week alongside other work. It will take about 3 weeks to dry before being fired. I’ll probably finish with a dolomite glaze. These bigger pots have to be fired in the gas kiln, which is a bit hit-and-miss; they won’t all survive.  Eventual price will be about £60.


A quick snap of two of the boards of stoneware tea-lights and soap dishes. Dozens of these are now dry and ready for firing, to be glazed white.  Most  are destined for Etsy, some for the Emsworth Craft Market (first Saturday each month, starting in March) and will be on sale at about £5 each.


Plates are a nightmare. They warp as they dry, take up far too much kiln room, and sometimes crack in the firing.  These big ones, up to 40cm across, are experimental. Cheese dishes?  Pizza platters? About £30, if they survive.


Comments always very welcome !

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