The Bees Knees

A few days ago I  noticed a muffled buzzing in the studio roof, and now I have discovered that bumble-bees are nesting there. Better still, it is the rare Bombus hypnorum  species which first appeared in the UK only 11 years ago, in Hants. They are perfectly benign, and were landing on my head and crawling over my hands as I was trying get a good photo (I suddenly realised!)

3 thoughts on “The Bees Knees

  1. Bombus (comes from Greek, I think) relates to the buzzing sound of bees and also refers to the very loud sound a swarm makes. As for hypnorum, we have hypnosis, hypnotic both in French & in English. However, I doubt they’d lull you to sleep! perhaps their prey is paralysed by their buzzing, since they don’t sting.
    There might something more on the subject on the Internet..

    • Yes! Even though I can’t remember (if I ever knew) how ‘hypnorum’ translates. Colloquially it is called the Tree Bee because it generally nests in hollow trees, although now it often uses bird nest-boxes (source=Google).

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