These little soap dishes have always been popular. Comments suggest that they are usually used for special soaps, to prevent them going to mush. This month’s Ethical Consumer magazine makes the following points: In Britain, only 20% of ‘personal cleansers’ sold are soap bars, although solid soap is just as effective as liquid soap. Clever marketing has induced a fear of other people’s bacteria lurking on soap bars. Most liquid soaps are made from petroleum, while many traditional bars are made from animal fats and/or plant oils. Using a branded body wash costs 11p per wash , compared to 0.07p for bar soap, which is thus 16 times less costly. Finally, packaging and transport weight considerations favour bar soap. I’m just saying…..


5 thoughts on “Ecosoapy

  1. Like the dishes Pete – but does this ethical consumer stuff take into account the extra cleaning materials and water you need to clean the basin etc when you use soap rather than liquid soap? And I think the figures are ludicrous – a 1 euro bottle of liquid soap lasts the two of us at least 2 months in the bathroom, also in the kitchen. This is an argument I have with Kevin who has an atavistic love of traditional soap, and a soap mountain I have been trying to diminish since I met him…now I’m afraid you have set him off again 😉

    • Well, I’m with the bars on this one. With my little dishes, the basins won’t need cleaning ! I’ll send you one. You can always use it for olives when the soap mountain is no more.

    • Happy to have the tone lowered. Possibly solutions – don’t invite guests known to moult / hide the bar soap / display a tub of Swarfega prominently (petrochem though) / don’t allow guests to leave until you have checked that they have left everything clean and tidy. All the above measures have the added advantage of ensuring that the visitors won’t come again, which means no more hairy blobs. Problem solved!

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