More Light! More Light!

A friend of mine at the craft market comissioned a couple of lamp bases for her new lounge, based on the shape and size of my large vases.  “No problem”,  said I naively, “Just needs a narrower neck”.  Wrong. Bringing the coils up to a narrower neck changes the aesthetic of the overall shape. Then there is the tricky problem, given shrinkage, of how to get the hole correctly sized for the lamp fitting. And these issues are not confronted until about  90% of the coiling is done.  Oh dear, back on the learning curve again. The first four attempts are in the bin, but now it is starting to come good, and very satisfying  it is too. A pity that I am 180 years too late for Goethe.

4 thoughts on “More Light! More Light!

  1. Pete, I’m really enjoying your blog. I’ve started making a new body of work with a “prototype” piece that has taken me multiple tries to get everything lined up and correctly fitting; so frustrating till the specifics are worked out (like your situation w/ the lamp necks). Anyways, thank you for your post here – it has given me the patience to continue as I work out the new “fittings” to my new metals’ pieces!

    • Thanks for your kind words Patricia. I’m honoured that in a small way my post has helped you to ‘hang in there’. I really enjoy the technical challenges, even though they can be can be initially commercially non-viable. I’ve spent hours on the lamp necks, but I’ve already picked up two completely new orders from the posting, so maybe the money side will come good over time. Good luck with your prototype, and keep going with the blog. Like you I enjoy the writing side of it – too much maybe, perhaps I should be spending more time with clay!

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