Emsworth Crafts market tomorrow, 10 ’til 1. My last one in Emsworth this year as I shall be at Funtington in December. This year-end is turning out very busy, with commissions rolling in and invitations to extra markets.  Next year there may be less of them, as the pottery is moving in a new direction. I am selling an increasing number of the larger pots, which I enjoy making, but they are less practical for the craft market pitches.  More Open Days maybe?

6 thoughts on “ecm

    • Thanks Gill! That pot drew a lot of attention at the market this morning (but no-one bought it…). Anyway, the market was good, very convivial, and enough sales to make it well worth all the hassle of boxing stock, loading the car, unloading & setting up, packing up & re-loading the car, unloading at home….

    • Thank you! The end result of the glazing is always partly in the laps of the gods, but I’m happy with their involvement in this case.
      The Craft Market was good, no doubt enhanced by your well-wishing, so thanks for that too.

    • Thanks ! I make most of these bigger stoneware pots by starting on the wheel, continuing by coiling, then finishing on the wheel to get a good roundness. The glaze is dolomite-based, which picks up the texturing nicely.

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