Market Day

I know why farmers like going to Market.  It isn’t just the buzz of the auction, it’s the chance to chin-wag. I had a lovely morning at Rowland’s Castle today. Sales were good, but so was the crack. Debby (who makes and sells amazing mulberry chutney) bounded over to show me a picture on her phone of the orchid she had potted in the neode she bought last month, and it looks magnificent – doesn’t it! I met Richard who used to live in our village as a young boy – he said that one of his teachers used to live in the village, and amazingly that is now our house. A charming lady from the Pagan and Druid Society gave me a commission to make three Green Men.  I met a young lad who is an engineering student at the college where I used to teach who is dead keen to learn how to make pots. I discovered that my  neighbouring stall-holder used to be a very good friend of someone, now deceased, who was a very dear friend to me. I sold candle-sticks and mugs, soap-dishes and jugs. I went home with much less in the car than I arrived with. All good.


6 thoughts on “Market Day

  1. Hi Pete

    Sounds like a great Market Day. We were at a market day in Mapusa, northern Goa, today, after we came out of our lengthy ‘Senior Citizen Profile’ health checks (about 29 quid each!) in Vrundavan Hospital. Like an ageing person’s MOT really.


  2. Pete, those flowers in that “orb” pot of yours looks incredible. I would be equally as excited to share a pic if that were mine! So glad to read such a positive post as this, and to hear you had such a productive event.

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