Funtington Fair

funtington dec'12A great day out yesterday at the Funtington Church Xmas Fair. The ceramics sold well, especially honey-pots, neodes and Xmas decorations. I shared happy memories of Sheffield with Alys from Olive Homeware, and talked foraging with Chris whose  bottles of Chorister’s Comfort Cordial , which helps to keep the  choir singing sweetly, all flew off her stall in very short time. In fact the whole day was suffused with delightful music, and the drive home was suffused with the aroma of a loaf from Matt, whose artisan bakery makes probably the best bread in the world.  Time for a quick turnaround now:   Chichester College’s Xmas Fayre  next Wednesday followed by Rowland’s Castle on Saturday, then Tuppeny Barn on the 15th.



2 thoughts on “Funtington Fair

  1. I’m so glad the pre-xmas sales are going so well for you. Look at all that wonderful ceramic eye-candy you’ve got there on your display table – it would be hard for me to resist! You sound really busy!!

    • Thanks Patricia for your appreciative words. Funtington was an interesting Fair, with a table top balanced across the backs of the pews, a backdrop of superb stained glass, and the church choir singing in the background. A lovely day out.

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