Is We or Are I ?

Op 3As of 27th Dec, Pete’s Pots is – and  are – now on Facebook, with a dedicated business page. As a business page it can only be ‘liked’, not ‘friended’.  Peter le Potter is my ‘personal’  pottery page, which can be ‘friended’, but I can’t get the link to work from here to there. So much time wasted on the technology when I should be up to my elbows in clay.

4 thoughts on “Is We or Are I ?

    • Thanks Troy. Even to be in an ark would be good – it’s more like up a creek without a paddle at the moment, but I’m getting there, even if there is a lot of kicking & screaming going on. I had just about got the hang of ‘normal’ facebook, but things are strangely different on the ‘business’ page set-up.

    • Thanks Patricia. Our daughter is home for Xmas so I’m tapping into her expertise to develop this side of things. Hard work for me though! Very best wishes for the coming year for you and yours, too.

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