Cottling the Green Man

Green Man 1A commission for 3 Green Man wall plates has given me some trouble, as I am not a sculptor. Googling him produced a vast number of images. I don’t want mine to be a copy, so that was an extra constraint. After several sacrifices to the bin I came up with this, and, as I write,  the plaster is setting in the cottle. Further vegetation  will be added, but cannot be included in the plasterwork because of the undercuts. So fiddly. Is this why Henry Moore went for smooth?

10 thoughts on “Cottling the Green Man

    • Hi Patricia, thanks for that. Yes, fun, and also challenging. Just a few minutes ago I took a batch out of the kiln with a very disappointing green glaze – far too dark and grey. Underfired? Anyway, I made the original by carving a clay face, carving various clay leaves, then taking plaster casts of the lot. Afterwards, the leaves are laid as sprigs onto the basic clay face, rather time consuming but effective.

    • Thanks so much for that – I hadn’t come across Jim Simpson, but he obviously does superb work (I hope my Green Man turns out as good as his!), as well as having a very interesting background leading up to where he is today.

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