Neodes & Neologisms

neode w rimAmongst the bigger pots these are one of my top sellers, and  always attract comments and questions such as   “What are they for?”, “How do you make them?”, “What are they called?” . The answers are: “Anything or nothing”, “It’s a secret”, and “Neodes”.  I’m waiting for the call from the OED.

13 thoughts on “Neodes & Neologisms

  1. Pete – this piece is magnificent. I really like the direction your work is taking you. Large or small, it’s the surface that’s the most inspiring, along with that rugged, jagged lip on the piece. Very nice!

      • They do! very attractive. I would love to know how you achieve the effect, although seems to be top secret! On the off chance you would like to divulge your technique, please feel free to email me 😉 Just how large are these pieces?

      • Ah – well – I’d have to stop calling it a secret then, wouldn’t I ! These are about 20cm diameter, but I’m working on a much larger one, without great hope of success but worth a try.

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