A Thought for Food

soupA peripheral – or maybe  central? – benefit of being a potter is the subtle enjoyment of using one’s own cookware and tableware. Today with 4″ of snow outside and still snowing, we are having a snug lunch by the wood-stove. Soup, bowl, plate, table mat and soda bread all by the hand of either Mr or Mrs Pots. So who is washing up?

12 thoughts on “A Thought for Food

    • Hi, sorry for delayed reply, only just spotted your comment. The soup is butternut squash / onions / carrots / sweet potato cooked in stock then pureed with a blender. The bread is wholemeal soda-bread with seeds added ( Hugh Fearnley-Twit recipe). Yes, it’s very satisfying to eat & drink from homemade ceramics, adds a whole new dimension to the enjoyment of it. We are much into good quality / organic-if-possible food. So – do make your own dinnerware, you’ll enjoy using it however well or badly it turns out. Much of what we use in the house is actually seconds – wonky, glaze defects etc – but that only adds to it.

      • mmmm… will have to try that 🙂 got a butternut squash at home giving me the eye every time i go into the kitchen, its days are numbered! You have convinced me, I shall make a set of dinnerware! very exciting, thank you for the nudge in the right direction! 🙂

  1. What a scene of domestic and culinary bliss! It all looks very enticing. As for washing up, I quite like washing up (am I unique among the human race in this?) but sorry Pete, I won’t be coming from Spain just to do yours…

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