Art in the Garden

semperI was delighted and honoured to receive an invitation to take part in the Bosham Art in the Garden Trail.  This admirable event takes place in over 20 gardens. Proceeds from entrance fees, food sales, and a percentage of art sales, go to local charities. Artwork has to have a garden theme. It all happens on Sat/Sun 20th/21st April, 11 a.m.until 4 p.m. Click on the link in blue for further details. I’d better make a few flowerpots –  at least it isn’t so cold in the studio just now.

4 thoughts on “Art in the Garden

  1. Congratulations on what is clearly a richly-deserved invite. Back in the day we used to enjoy the Brighton Open House event each May (artists). The closest we get here is the annual Open Gardens event at Cabrera (Almeria province, Spain)- often quite artistic though it’s not about art as such. Interesting though to see the way people use plants, pots, holes in walls, etc., in a mountain/desert setting.
    Meanwhile, back at your previous post, the closest I can get to ‘Chail-ach’ is the Scottish Gaelic mountain name A’Chailleach, which is usually translated as ‘old woman’, not something you’d presumably want to call your house. But surely the owners told you what it meant and you are just wondering what sort of odd comments might come in…

    • Thanks Kev, but I’m not sure I will end up deservedly – or even undeservedly – rich. As for Chail-Ach, the present owners inherited the name when they moved in a few months back. I’ve discovered that Chail is a hill resort near Shimla, said to be very beautiful and said to have the world’s highest cricket pitch. Is -ach a Hindi suffix? Online dictionaries are no help here, but maybe a native speaker could answer that one.

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