Cloaking the Green Man

Gn Man -3With glaze issues fairly well resolved, the first batch of seven Green Men has gone to a new home.  This was an interesting commission. After sculpting a basic face in clay, then making a plaster cast, I sculpted a selection of leaves and made flush casts to create sprigs. The sprigs, up to 15, were laid over the basic face. The result was superb in raw clay,  but  fine detail was lost under the glaze, so I made another  cast of the complete face. Much quicker now, and keeps the cost well down.

4 thoughts on “Cloaking the Green Man

  1. I like it. In fact I like it very much. We have several green men on the outside walls of the house – maybe we wish to be reminded of the green and fertile UK while we are working our Spanish semi-desert garden. An acquaintance out here presented us, a couple of years ago, with a green man she’d made – a very kind and much appreciated thought but I think she was in the early stages of her involvement with ceramics and it had such bulging eyes that it looked distinctly odd. It is, nevertheless, up there with the others. I was looking at them today as the corn buntings were in fine voice all around the valley.
    As for yours Pete, it looks really authentic. I hope that doesn’t sound condescending but there are a lot of green men out there that don’t really look convincing. That apart, am I missing something, or do my eyes deceive me, but isn’t this a Blue Man?


    • Thank you – it was a bit of an epic as I couldn’t get the result I wanted, but in fact my client was delighted and bought the seven I’d made instead of just the 3 she’d ordered. A really nice little project all round.

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