Dancing Lady

dancing man 2Well, she’s no Joan Crawford, and maybe not quite what Fred Astaire expected, but I think she’s a cracker.

I bought the little wooden stamp at the V&A some years ago. Such dynamism in a few deft carved marks. She dances on.

5 thoughts on “Dancing Lady

    • Well, you are the second person to suggest a Native American origin, so we may be onto something here. I had to remind myself of exactly who Kokopelli was, although I knew the name. My dancer doesn’t have the flute, but maybe she is dancing while he plays?

  1. Looking good, Pete! Btw, I won’t ever forgive myself for visiting practically every museum in London (years back) and missing the V and A Museum. Good luck w/all your new work!

    • Well, you ‘ll just have to go back to London – the V&A is the best! But no, there are many other excellent museums, so I’m sure you didn’t really miss out. Oh, and thanks for the encouragement – a very productive day in the studio today.

  2. Nice. That looks like the way I dance after a couple of glasses of wine. I don’t normally wear a dress though.

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