Fast and Bulbous

orb -1                                                                                               I’m sure the late Captain had not a trace of horse DNA in his heart, and to him I dedicate this orb.  Bulbous yes, but  maybe not so fast. Before you ask – not two halves stuck together, and not slipcast. How did I make it? Carefully.

8 thoughts on “Fast and Bulbous

  1. A lovely orb, Pete. It has immediately sent me over for another close look at the superb b/w piece of yours we have here, which is currently holding a small and delicate bunch of statice. Your comment on the post had us both baffled until I spotted the words Trout Mask Replica. Ah yes, the Mad Captain, the mad old days…

    • Thanks Jane – the visual and tactile properties complement each other (the surface is unglazed). When I do craft fairs, those pieces are probably the ones most people reach out to touch.

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