A Night Out with Friends

leaf planterIt should have been night out with friends to celebrate the start of Spring, but not even Orion’s dog, brightest of the bright, could make it through the veil of cloud. Even so, Merulus was in fine voice in the early hours, followed later by his erstwhile cousins the Rubeculas.  A sudden  inspiration to put the Green Man’s leaves onto a stoneware planter came during the song and I think it has worked well.

10 thoughts on “A Night Out with Friends

  1. We’re talking blackbird and robin are we? Sleeping out? Me too, the other night. Here (lat 37 3 0 N, long 2 1 0 (sorry, can’t see how to put degrees, minutes and seconds onto that) there was a beautiful clear starry sky. The vocal accompaniment, once light, is from such as milaria calandra, silvia melanocephala and the pathfinders of the hirundo rustica tribe. Great looking planter with the leaves. I suspect, when the newly-arrived PA Green Man goes up on our wall, the other Green People’s eyes will swivel towards him: “Who’s this upstart incomer?” But it’ll just be jealousy.

    • I hope you accepted the poetic licence with the capitalisation – it makes it read better, poor old Turdus. I wish I’d had your starry night, but as it was only about 2 deg with the cloud it would have been bitter without.
      Our S.m’cephalas have just started to blast it out – would that be the new arrivals, or the sprinkling of stayers chasing off the upstart migrants?

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