Emsworth Buzz

ec 6apr13 pitch -2

First craft market of the year at Emsworth this morning.  Both the sun and the people of Emsworth came out in force,  there was a super buzz in the hall, and sales were good. Rowlands Castle for me next Saturday, then Bosham Art in the Garden Trail , followed over the next  two weekends of the Emsworth Arts Trail. More sun, please, more sun!

13 thoughts on “Emsworth Buzz

  1. Yes, that blue is so rich and deep! And I love the details like the plaited handle on the blue mug, the wavy patterns on the large dish with the fish or the scalloped edges of the dish on the right. All the best with your shows!

  2. Hi Pete love that blue on your bowls, also jugs look fantastic. Any chance of a close shot of one of the jugs? I have just glazed my jugs with a honey glaze. Never tried this glaze before so will post results.

    • Hi Ged, the blue is bog-standard Bath Potters mid-blue stoneware (I think to their own formula, Mike Bailey is a glaze wizard) fired to about 1260 in my electric kiln. The jugs are tenmoku with a matt white which contains zircon. The white is tricky to get an even coverage with, but it reacts nicely with the iron in the tenmoku. Also the matt-ness is quite temperature sensitive. I’ve tried to paste a close-up here but WordPress doesn’t like it – if you have a look in my gallery there is a similar jug, double-click on the image to get a closer look. Good luck with the honey glaze, that’s one I’ve never tried but would like to.

  3. Pete, what a fabulous photo of your set-up! I feel as though I can “reach thru” the screen and touch the pieces myself. Love seeing the scale of your pieces like the orbs and the “green men”. It’s probably best for my pocketbook that you’re not selling your work over here (Yet!) – I’d have left that show hall penniless! I hope the show attendees were generous in their purchases!

    • Thank you so much Patricia, but I fear that in the flesh, or at least in the clay, my work might fall short of your expectation, so maybe the thousands of miles which separate it from you are no bad thing!

      • You are too modest. By the way, a friend of mine remarked to me about your gorgeous garden-related flower/planter pots (she must’ve seen it on your FB page.) I can’t imagine your stuff not being a hit!! Good luck w/ the rest of your upcoming shows!

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