…and in the blue corner

RCCM blue -2

Well, it was a wet one, but, as expected,  ardours remained dry and the crack was good. The point was reached where sales to date of Not-Green Men exceeded the green ones.  RCCM blue -1




The blues were much approved of, and the  two blue suns sold almost immediately, the others  languishing. What is the world coming to?


8 thoughts on “…and in the blue corner

  1. As the proud owner of the blue man that was posted to Spain, I can vouch for their excellent appearance and robust nature, ideal for an outside wall. Just now, in Peru, despite all the ‘artesania’, I’m finding no sign of green men, not even in the rainforest, where you might imagine there would be plenty…
    Kev Borman

  2. Pete at the artist co-op I belong to we have a potter that makes honey pots. I must say I love the bowls and the blue as I have said before is just awesome.

  3. Pete, it always makes me happy to read about you getting new sales! I’m glad the wet weather this past weekend did not interfere with your success at the craft markets. By the way, I love those honey pots of yours in the pic. That’s certainly not something I see for sale over here, at least very often!

    • Thank you Patricia. The weather over here has been a pain, and as we should have been in France just now, where they are having wall-to-wall sunshine, it is particularly galling. But never mind.
      I wonder if honeypots like that are peculiarly British? The shape is of the ‘skep’ type of hive, as used by medieval monks amongst others.

      • Pete, that is so cool – I didn’t realize about the shape you chose. And just to be sure, I asked my husband tonight at dinner, “Have you ever seen a honey pot for sale in the “ceramic world” here? (since he attends all the openings w/me), and the consensus was indeed, “no – we don’t see them” here. But I love them! Thanks for the additional info re: the hive shape – that makes it even better!!

    • Hi Claudia,
      I can easily post you one but the postage will cost more than the tile itself. The tiles are £7.50 (about $11.50 ) but postage by air is about $20 and even surface mail would be about $12. Those are guide prices. The tiles weigh about 750g, plus packaging weight, so we are heading up towards 1 kg total. Plus the attendant risk of breakage of course, although I posted one to Spain a few weeks back, without problem. They are fairly robust (hence the weight!) and made of stoneware, so no problem to put on an outdoor wall etc.

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