Emsworth Arts Trail

EAT brochureJust a couple of days to go and the pace is manic. Oh dear – the weather is starting to look like a repeat of last year. Never mind, the kiln will be on, and the wood-burner, and the kettle, so we can snug down and moan about the cold. The screenshot above is of the front and back pages of the brochure – spot Pete’s Pots!

9 thoughts on “Emsworth Arts Trail

    • Thank you. I was lucky to get that eye-catching position on the brochure, but as most other people are painters I had an advantage with a single pot. I sold out on those last year so I have extra this year, but it’s the way of things that I might not sell any, I suppose.

  1. Pete, I hope the dreary weather holds off for you and the other Emsworth Trail artists this weekend. Over here, it has been crazy; today it’s a warm Spring day yet last night was freezing cold. Let’s hope for the continued good luck you’ve been having and “the buying gods” all come for a visit to your studio! 🙂

    • Thanks for your good wishes. We are certainly hoping the bad weather won’t put people off too much. I shall be firing overnight on Friday so that the studio will be toasty for Saturday at least.

  2. Think positive: a warm fire, the kettle whistling, why moan about the cold – that’s unlike you, no? You can always reminisce about your previous markets which, from what I heard/read went rather well.

  3. Wish I could stop by. And, as a veteran of doing outdoor shows and events for 15+ years, I feel for you with the weather!

    This is a popular time for studio and art tours, it seems – our township is having one the weekend of May 4-5 and I’ll be participating. But, luckily for me, I’ll be inside so no matter what the weather is I can be comfortable.

    Good luck!

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