Sailor Vee

leaf tileI’ve been slapping leaf sprigs from the Green Man construction all over the place, and here they are on a tile, coated with my favourite blue glaze. The last  of my stock  sold last weekend, but some nifty footwork in the studio has produced a new batch – which should be coming out of the kiln as our first visitors surge up the drive on Saturday on Day 3 of the Arts Trail. Sod’s Law says none of them will sell. As I said, c’est la vie.

3 thoughts on “Sailor Vee

  1. My dad said that the weather was great on the bank holiday, but I can’t remember what he said about Saturday. Was the trail outside or part in your studio? We have a great one here, well, in Austin, coming up this weekend. Takes part in five potters studios who each have two guest potters. Some really lovely work and I love seeing the insides of other peoples spaces.
    How did you do?
    (Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t like Lisa Orr’s work).

    • Monday was sunny and warm, but cool & grey on Sat & Sun – if it had been too hot, everyone would have been down at the beach and not on the Trail!
      The Trail covered 41 venues, mostly people’s houses / studios. I used my studio, with my stockroom, ie my old garage, converted into a gallery for the duration (5 days over 2 weekends). We did really well (my wife weaves & knits), and the stock has taken a hammering, but just enough left to do a small craft-market this Saturday coming. Lots of commissions too, so I’m going to be busy for a while. All good fun. A Trail with just potters sounds pretty good to me – probably good that we are this far away, otherwise I’d spend far too much. I buy a fair amount from other potters as it is. Anyway, enjoy the weekend.

  2. Pete, I’d be very surprised if these beauties didn’t sell. The blue glaze is really nicely done; reminds me of enamel on metal, like the blue is gracefully “sifted” onto the tile. Wishing you the best for your next Arts Trail weekend!

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