A Leg to Stand On

yoke tableWhy are the best outcomes so often the result of an intensely focussed need for a sudden solution – or is the answer self-evident? The need was for a display bench for the Open Studios, and the solution was an old oxen yoke cut in half and capped with an ash plank retrieved when I re-roofed the barn. Knocked up in minutes, it stole the show. Oh, and only one of the pots is mine. The other, a little beauty, came from the Charity Shop.

8 thoughts on “A Leg to Stand On

  1. An inspired combination! The legs look like the legs of a satyr, ready to scamper away into the woods. And I agree with Patricia: it really shows off your piece very well.

    • Thank you! It certainly has a dynamic look to it. The vase was an interesting one to fire – it was 2mm shy of the kiln lid, and I agonised for some time as to whether things in the kiln expanded at any any stage of the firing, although I know that by the time they have cooled they certainly have contracted.

    • I did hesitate before taking the saw to the yoke. I thought it might be tacky to use it thus, or be trivialising it, or even disrespectful of the people whose hard lives it symbolised. I decided all those things were true, then on impulse started to cut.

  2. I can readily see why it was such a hit. Not only is your clay piece vibrant, but look at how the “earthy-ness” of that plank of ash shows off the cobalt blue of your piece. Best part: it’s all still “made” by you (assembling, cutting and planning!) Nice work!

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