Cf b'bath jpMy good friend Caroline commissioned a bird bath to sit on an existing pedestal, with a rim  to make a snug fit.  With due allowance for shrinkage the fit was perfect, but  a massive circumferential  crack opened up during the glaze firing. Strangely it adds a certain charm, and although I was able to offer alternatives I was pleased that this one was favoured – I like it very much.

4 thoughts on “Crackpot

  1. Drinking my morning coffee, I nearly spat it out w/laughter at your very humorous title to this post, Pete! You have such a wonderful outlook on things; I’m happy both you and your friend liked the piece – I agree, the crack adds character! What a lovely garden/setting she has; it really shows off your piece well!

    • Thanks Patricia, and I’m sorry I disrupted your gentle morning break.
      I’ve often tried to get a good photo of these bird-baths but without success. As soon as this one was in place it shouted to have its photo taken.

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