We need to Talk about Fracking


I’ve had a few questions & comments about the new header image, so I’ll go public. The image is from the rim of a large bowl which was destined for submission in a competition. The interior was to have been inscribed with the post-codes of all the proposed UK fracking sites, nothing more. The aim was to promote discussion about the merits, or otherwise, of fracking in the UK.  Ironically the piece developed a crack during the second firing, so I regarded it as flawed and didn’t submit it. I think maybe I was wrong.

6 thoughts on “We need to Talk about Fracking

    • I’ve just posted a pic of the whole bowl. I agree with your observation. Sad to say that the word ‘expert’ now comes with connotations of error. The track record of reassurance from those with a vested interest in success is not encouraging. I hope I’m not ‘anti’ per se; I like to think that I gather information with an open mind before making a judgement.

  1. Interesting post, Pete. I wasn’t aware that fracking was something that was being considered for the UK. It is banned in France, and I thought it would have been on the other side of the Channel as well.
    And even more interesting (ominous?) that your pot cracked during firing.
    By the way, could you post a picture of the entire pot? I love the photo that you have here and I am intrigued.

    • There are no productive sites yet, but lots of exploratory drilling and testing. After some significant seismic shocks (magnitude 2.3) in the Blackpool area a couple of years ago everything was put on hold, but the industry is rolling again, encouraged recently by the American model. One of the proposed sites is down here in Sussex on the hills just inland from the Channel coast. 15 licences to drill have been issued and the reserves are said to be the second largest in the UK.

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