8 thoughts on “Fracking Cracking

  1. Hi Peter

    I love this pot as well. My first thought was ‘Jurassic egg’ but it also reminds me of the Chinese style of painting rocks and mountains. It somehow manages to look very modern and very ancient all at the same time. Beautiful.

    • Hi Judith,
      Thanks for the observations. These pots have provoked a lot of comments (and puzzlement!) over the last year, both on the blog and at markets, and I have a sold a lot of them. The design is original to the best of my knowledge but that might be over-presumptuous of me. They have featured on earlier posts in other versions: 17th Mar, 8th Jan, 10th Nov and 1st Aug. Just yesterday a different version again came out of the kiln, and I might do a post on it fairly soon.

  2. Really gorgeous piece, Pete. I honestly think you could’ve pushed the envelope a tad w/that crack; I’ve never seen a crack in a pot look as “intentional” as that one is! Your truthfulness and honesty as a maker has swindled you out of a possible spot in the competition/show!! ;-). Further, the edge you drew in that clay (sculpted) is just exceptional. This may be one of those pcs. that you keep in your studio – as that lip on the pot is too dang amazing!!

    • Thanks Patricia, very generous comments. The edge may look fortuitous, but (as you imply) it was worked on, and took some time to become as I wanted it. A suggestion of a mountain profile, so that the ‘cracks’ (in fact, joins) look as though they were underground. I suppose the vertical crack-proper could be interpreted as one of the fracking bore-holes, but that would be making a virtue out of what at the time seemed to be a calamity. Anyway, it’s a favourite pot now, and I will indeed keep it until the day I trip over it or drop something on it. It does rather get in the way!

  3. It’s a lovely pot Pete. I have to confess I think it’s brilliant it cracked…wonderfully apt…looking forward to seeing it in the flesh

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