Biscuit Biscuit

bisc jarPeter Allwright is an artist. His paintings have a startling vibrancy. People scurry against  background  colours whose luminous intensity  must take the greatest  skill to achieve. I was honoured to receive a commission for some biscuit jars onto which Peter will paint.  Appropriately they needed to be fired twice. Now, why is the first firing called the ‘biscuit’ firing – wouldn’t it be more etymologically correct to use the term for the second firing? Anyway, have a look at Peter’s paintings, they are stunning.

2 thoughts on “Biscuit Biscuit

  1. Yes, “biscuit” – twice cooked – would make more sense for the second firing. And why do you need to fire twice? Forgive me for this silly question, I love ceramics but am very ignorant of what goes on behind the wheel or in the kiln.
    Pete, this collaboration is very exciting, and I look forward to seeing the results!

  2. Pete, your biscuit jar is beautiful. Hope we are able to see the pieces again once they’ve been painted. Could you imagine the demand at the Craft markets if these were sold near the holiday season?! Nice collaborative idea to make these pieces – I’m sure they’ll look fantastic.

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