Dangley dongles


When our friend Cass had a birthday party  she invited us all to bring something crafty to do, suitable for all ages. My contribution was strips of raw clay and a few scribing tools. People wrote birthday messages for Cass, or just doodled. I fired and glazed the strips and hung them from a willow ring.

8 thoughts on “Dangley dongles

  1. What a thoughtful, interactive gift idea, Pete. I’m sure you and this item were the hit of the party!! Hope your summer is going well. (I’m happy to see a new post from you!)

    • I have to say that other people came with ideas at least as good, and it was a lovely afternoon of craft & conversation.
      I appreciate your comment about a post appearing – it’s been a strange few months, and the pottery is still essentially on standby, my hands unsullied by lovely mud.

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