A Night Out with Friends

PerseidLate in the evening we watched the International Space Station sweep brightly over from west to east, but the Perseids eluded us due to the smear of cloud. In the early hours the sky cleared, and with no moon the stars were crisp. The Perseids delighted as always, a bitter-sweet pleasure marking the dying days of Summer. On cue, the early morning had an autumnal whiff and nip. Pure joy.

4 thoughts on “A Night Out with Friends

    • Monday is supposed to be the best night, with up to 100 per hour. If only we had your unpolluted-by-light skies over here! The Pompey glow dampens it all down. Even at 2 a.m. I had to persuade myself I could really see the Milky Way. Good luck with the Shower though.

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