Heraclitus – Patron Saint of Canoeists

258 L. Eishort, Cuillins from kayakThe Black Cuillin from Loch Eishort

The pottery, and therefore the blog, have been dormant for a year. I miss them both, but just now I’m paddling much more than potting. Of course, if you want to take your cue from the Moody Blues’ second hit single, I won’t be offended. For my part, I’m with Heraclitus, and further, browsing a new translation, I see that he actually wrote “You cannot paddle in the same river twice”. He was also a bit of a riddler…..

4 thoughts on “Heraclitus – Patron Saint of Canoeists

  1. Pete, glad to see you’re doing well and even out there on your boat! My husband is eternally trying to find time to go out on his inflatable, on local lakes/ponds here. We both love it, now if it just wasn’t 93 degrees F outside! 😀

    • Thanks Patricia – time is the thing, isn’t it? And by what strange illogicality is so little of our time available for doing things we most wish to do? Or is it just that we don’t appreciate the doing, and spend too much time in wishing? Or too much time gazing at Mr Google?

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