Not Piddling but Paddling

pipiI fortuitously pulled up alongside this sign while checking the map for the way to the river. With apologies to Stevie Smith, it gave a good cue for a title.To see the video on YouTube, click (or double click)  the link below:

A Quick Trip on the Vienne

It should auto-play, but if you get a big red splodge with white dots, click on that.



6 thoughts on “Not Piddling but Paddling

    • That’s kind of you to ask about the boat. As with most of my indulgences it’s on hold, as I am spending a lot of time looking after my ageing (now aged 101) father. The project is not shelved though. As Tennyson said, it’s the time of year when a young man’s fancy turns to canoe-building, and I’ve been gazing longingly and lovingly at Gnu Gnu’s elegant curves. Now that it is warmer I can get glueing again, and hope to have her launched in the summer. I will post when there is progress to the next stage. Thanks again for the interest, I’m touched!

      • Ah – yes, completely understand the aged parent situation and feel for you. Very demanding. I’m glad you haven’t had to give up on the canoe entirely, it sounded a fascinating project. Look after yourself and keep the puns coming!

  1. It’s not a bad life is it? And I think it’s really neat, they way you play the piano whilst paddling. Alternative name for this clip…Vienne ici??

    • Yes, I got the idea after seeing someone playing a piano mounted on a tricycle at an eco-festival in France. I use an electronic keyboard powered by a solar panel – a real piano would of course capsize the canoe. ‘Vienne ici’ is good, but I Charente use it…

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