A Butter Carrillon

butter crocks -1I hadn’t heard of butter bell crocks ( I lead a quiet life) until Jean asked me to make one for her. The throwing is slightly technical (they will fit, it’s just the lens that makes them look too big).

Sharp readers will have noticed the change of blog name. The paddling posts will be moved to their own site in due course.

4 thoughts on “A Butter Carrillon

  1. I was tempted to use earthenware clay for the greater porosity, but I find that water permeates even glazed earthenware after a few days of standing. I learned this the hard way – a customer complained of damage to a French-polished surface after using one of my vases. Similalry, I don’t produce oil lamps any more, even in stoneware, as the oil eventually seeps through.

    • I find that when you first fill an earthenware vase with cold water you get condensation underneath that marks wooden tables. Footrings with little notches cut out help airflow.

      • Thanks Sue, good point, good solution. I wonder if it is condensation or maybe a tiny weep through the ceramic? I suspect that earthenware is not totally impervious. Even stoneware can ‘weep’, as I found to my cost when leaving a little lamp oil jar on a shelf, although the oil is probably less viscous than water.

  2. Interesting – never seen these, though I know that historically one of the great benefits of earthenware was that evaporation from the porous ware kept food cool (in the long world before fridges).

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