‘Tis but a bell-jar

crock 1crock 2 With thanks to Bath Potters: I’d run out of blue glaze and the clock was ticking on the order – my glaze powder arrived the next day. Excellent service as always, and probably the best stoneware glazes on the planet.

In use, the LH jar contains a little cool water, the RH jar is filled with butter. RH jar upside down in LH jar for cool storage, RH jar as shown for serving. Cool eh?

9 thoughts on “‘Tis but a bell-jar

    • How kind of you; I’m very touched.

      All change / nothing changes: after a turbulent few years caring for ageing relatives, we have moved to South Devon. Beautiful countryside and plenty of unobscured starry nights. As a business Pete’s Pots is no more, but as a hobby it lives on, and in fact next week I’m going to Bath Potters to order a new kiln (I sold my main one, and gave the other one, plus spare wheel etc. etc. to a young friend who was starting out on Pottery Road). I shall be reviving the blog too, as I enjoyed doing it so much. There’s a lot of writing going on, and I’m closing in on collections of poetry, essays, and an autobiography, for distribution to friends and family. Another writing friend is editing for me, then I shall self-publish. So easy to do these days, and not as stigmatised as it used to be.

      I admire your steadfast blogging. The norm seems to be to fade away after a few years (like me). Maybe a lot of it has to do with how well received it is, as yours clearly is. Long may it continue.

      With my very best wishes,

      • Lovely to hear from you, and sympathy about the difficult years. The new location sounds wonderful, and I’ll look forward to seeing your forthcoming work – ceramic or poetic. Or a good chance for astro photos??

        Also thank you for the kind words. I have just moved too, in person and in WordPress – I have put Minutiae to bed and started Construed, as the world looks a little different from here.

        All good wishes – R

    • Thank you! These are potter’s pots, you might agree. Not very commercial, but that is of no great concern. As for Bath Potters, I can certainly recommend their own stoneware glazes. Mike Bailey is something of a glaze magician.

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