…and in the blue corner

RCCM blue -2

Well, it was a wet one, but, as expected,  ardours remained dry and the crack was good. The point was reached where sales to date of Not-Green Men exceeded the green ones.  RCCM blue -1




The blues were much approved of, and the  two blue suns sold almost immediately, the others  languishing. What is the world coming to?


Cloaking the Green Man

Gn Man -3With glaze issues fairly well resolved, the first batch of seven Green Men has gone to a new home.  This was an interesting commission. After sculpting a basic face in clay, then making a plaster cast, I sculpted a selection of leaves and made flush casts to create sprigs. The sprigs, up to 15, were laid over the basic face. The result was superb in raw clay,  but  fine detail was lost under the glaze, so I made another  cast of the complete face. Much quicker now, and keeps the cost well down.

Cottling the Green Man

Green Man 1A commission for 3 Green Man wall plates has given me some trouble, as I am not a sculptor. Googling him produced a vast number of images. I don’t want mine to be a copy, so that was an extra constraint. After several sacrifices to the bin I came up with this, and, as I write,  the plaster is setting in the cottle. Further vegetation  will be added, but cannot be included in the plasterwork because of the undercuts. So fiddly. Is this why Henry Moore went for smooth?