What Changes as Time Passes?

A good friend of mine commissioned a set of mugs for a relative of his who was about to embark on a  degree course. Each mug boasts a famous  bit of Mathematics in gold lettering, and this one was especially apposite. Answers on a postcard please for what the complete formula is, and whose formula it is (Terry, you are banned from taking part!)

The Heat is On

My toe is fine, my head has healed (don’t ask), and I have a new camera, so all is well with the world. Only a week now until the Arts Trail, and mild panic has set in. With reason maybe, as most of my special pots were made from a delivery of clay which proved to be faulty, warping far too readily when fired.

I’ve managed to build up some other stock, even if it is a bit last-minute. Hence these items being fast-dried as the kiln cools from the previous firing, and an extra stock of terracotta which only needs one firing.